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Key Fact:
Sold 2,000 vehicles in its first year

Hyundai Equus Launch

Entering into the premium luxury segment was a leap for Hyundai and a giant leap for Hyundai’s audience. We know it would take a special type of buyer and we targeted the top tier with a dimensional mailing. In it, we likened Hyundai’s launch of the Equus to the turning point in the status of California wines.

Our compelling “turning point” comparison to California wines continued with owner experience. In coordination with the delivery of an Apple iPad® (which doubled as delivery method of the owner’s manual), we offered owners a download of the film Sideways and an exclusive Equus Sommelier mobile application.


  • Our CRM campaign including multiple phases from pre-launch through ownership delivery of a welcome package and Apple iPad®
  • As part of a premium owner experience, we developed an application called the Equus Sommelier app for choosing the ideal bottle of wine for the dinner table, following our California wine campaign theme.
  • Social media was a component of our campaign, leveraging a unique Facebook page for Equus fans, along with a LinkedIn group that targeted professionals on LinkedIn who used their vehicle for business travel
  • We created analytic models based on luxury vehicle owner traits and considerations, and applied the models to the Hyundai database to create a list of relevant owners and handraisers who might be interested in an Equus
  • In its first year, this highly targeted campaign achieved over 2,000 sales with email open rates reaching as high as 72% among handraisers.