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Key Fact:
Doubled the forecasted print run to meet high demand

Comcast Triple Play, 1-2-3 Wii

In the high-stakes game of cable subscriber acquisition, Comcast broke through the clutter via a partnership with Nintendo. At the time of this campaign for Comcast’s Triple Play bundle, the Nintendo Wii system was one of the most sought-after gaming consoles. And, since it was able to connect to the Web via Wi-Fi®, the Wii provided a natural tie-in to Comcast’s high-speed Internet service.


  • Multi-channel campaign included direct mail, door hangers, banner ad, and print ad
  • Promoted the online experience of connecting Wii to Comcast High-Speed Internet (part of the Comcast Triple Play bundle)
  • Demand for this campaign was so high, the volume of creative pieces developed for the Comcast Wii promotion was two-times the forecasted amount